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Friday, April 27, 2018

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Any individual can open a Savings Bank Account with our Bank with a minimum deposit of Rs. 100/-. For using the Cheque book facility minimum balance would be Rs. 200/-. At present there are four ATMs made available to the customers of this Bank for the exclusive use of Bank Head office and 24 Bldg., and Ranipet branch customers. First time, ATM cards are issued to customers free of cost.


The minimum balance maintained in Savings Bank Accounts during 10th and last day of the month is eligible for calculation of interest. Interest is paid on SB Accounts two times in a year i.e., on 30th September and 31st March. The rate of interest paid for SB Accounts is determined by the Board of Management, subject to the directives of Reserve Bank of India. The present rate of Interest for SB Accounts is displayed in Rate of Interest page. Every Savings depositor will be supplied with a pass book free of cost. If the Pass Book is lost, a service charge that is fixed by the Board, shall be collected for the issue of a duplicate Pass Book. As per the recent directives of Reserve Bank of India, interest on Savings Bank Accounts will be calculated on daily balance w.e.f. 01.04.2010.

Documents required and procedure for opening SB Accounts:

The Bank is required to verify the genuineness of the Identity of the customer before opening of an account, as per the KYC (Know Your Customer) guidelines stipulated by Reserve Bank of India. Accordingly, every person who desires to open an Account shall fill up the prescribed application form, submit documentary proof for

  1. Photo ID issued by the Employer
  2. Proof of Residence
  3. PAN
  4. Two copies of latest color passport size photos

Introduction: An existing customer of the Bank well known to the customer, must introduce the customer for opening the new account.

Operation of the Account:

The Savings Bank Account shall be operated in line with the rules framed by the Bank. Withdrawals will be permitted upto 72 times in a year. Cheque issued without sufficient funds will attract levy of service charges. The Bank is bound by statutory obligation to report to the competent authorities, if transactions are found to be suspicious. Savings Bank Accounts shall not be opened in the name of Institutions which are not registered under any statute. Interest shall not be allowed in respect of Savings Bank Accounts, if any, existing in the name of unregistered Institutions.

As per DICGC Act 1961, deposits with our bank are insured with Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation, up to Rs.1 Lakh per depositor.



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